Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mini Hovercraft

We recently made a couple of simple, small hovercrafts. The supplies we used were an old CD, the cap from a shampoo bottle, a glue gun, a balloon, a paper cup, scissors, and a rubber band.

What we did....
We glued the shampoo bottle cap onto the center of the CD. We cut the bottom off of the paper cup so that the cup was about two inches tall. It is now ready.

Putting the balloon stem onto the bottle cap

To use the hovercraft, blow up the balloon and twist the stem so the air stays in. Put the balloon stem through the cup and open it onto the shampoo cap. We used a rubber band to hold the balloon stem in place, but it wasn't always necessary.

Place the hovercraft on a clean, flat surface and un-twist the balloon to release air. Give the craft a little push and it will glide easily across the surface. We pushed it back and forth to each other a few times before the air ran out. Here is a short video of the action :)

Coming soon (hopefully)....a bigger, life-sized hovercraft that we will ride!


Anonymous said...

The baby hovercraft is a neat idea. Good Job. LA

Nina said...

LA: Thank you for the positive feedback and for reading the post. We have had fun playing with the little hovercrafts.