Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bakery Bliss

This summer we were able to tour a bakery!

The bakery entrance

Not just any bakery, no, this bakery provides bread for some of the top restaurants in the country. We also had a chance to taste some of the amazing food they produce. When we have eaten there - everything we have had has been mouth-watering and delicious. We'd love to be closer! I really should have tried the chocolate pudding while I was there....

These baguettes will go in the oven soon


The bakery was very busy as we were walking through. People were constantly in motion working to produce the yummy food. We really had to be on our toes and make sure we were not in anyone's way. We saw bread baking, bread rising, bread being shaped, cakes and cookies being made and frosted, and more. Delivery drivers also came in to collect the daily orders and distribute the fresh-baked bread. Thank you for the tour Columbia City Bakery!

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