I didn't realize how many questions we answer and discuss here every day, until I started writing them down. The kids have questions about any number of things they are curious about. They could have to do with what season we are in, the weather, current events, what our activities are, and/or what they are reading about, playing, seeing, hearing, talking about and working on each day. I try to make sure I listen and repeat the questions they ask, and also try to answer them as soon as I can. We often look things up together online, outside, on maps, in books from home or the library, the encyclopedia, photos, videos, and movies, and even personal interviews. Sometimes if I can't answer the question right away, I will look it up later and talk with them then, or send them an e-mail with the answers and a link for more information if they are interested. After a period of time doing this, I have seen them look things up on their own using the same methods we do together. I do think that they prefer to ask me or another person rather than look it up by themselves simply because it creates a connection, usually creates a discussion between at least two people, sometimes more, and the answers lead to more questions, which lead to more discussion...

Here are some current questions we are answering and discussing.

Week of September 15, 2014
What is an ambassador?
What is love?
What is the constitution?

Week of September 8, 2014
What is a lawyer?
What does efficient mean?
How far away is the state capitol?
Why did they choose Sacramento as the state capitol?
Is Washington DC a state?
When did California become a state?
What was the first state?
Where is the north star?
Does hibiscus tea have iron in it?
Are cherry tomatoes good for you?

Week of September 1, 2014
How are humans and seals related?
Where does vitamin C come from?
How do you throw a boomerang?
Where is Austria?
How fast is a satellite?
If I dig straight down through the earth, where will I come out?
What is the name of a funny bone? and
Why does it feel funny when you bump it?


Week of December 10th
What is an asteroid?
How big are asteroids?
What is the difference between a meteor and a shooting star?
What causes a floating eye?

Week of December 3rd
What is 'bad judgement'?
What is an automaton?
What do Hyenas eat?
What is an eland?
How many seas are there in the world?
How hot is lava?

Week of November 26th
What does moss look like close up?
What does 'broad daylight' mean?
What does 'Broadway' mean?
What do female Finches look like?
What is a split pea?

Week of November 19th
Why do people think black cats are bad luck?
Do worms have a heart?
How to frisbees work?
Where do hibiscus flowers grow?
What is irony?

Week of November 12th
What is a wallaby?
Is a month 4 weeks?
Do sea turtles drink water?
What is the fastest animal in the ocean?

Week of November 5th
Could hurricanes and tornadoes occur here in California?
Why do we have daylight savings time?
Who is Karl Rove?
What is the Electoral College?
Can you help me start my own blog?

Week of October 29th
Can you help me find news websites for kids?
What is the difference between the Congress and the Senate?
Why do mosquitoes bite?
Why do mosquito bites itch?

Week of October 22nd
Why is there pressure in my water bottle sometimes when I open it?
Are fairies real?
Is milk good for my teeth?

Week of October 15th
Will flowers/buds on the same flower stalk all have the same color?

Week of October 8th
How is dry ice different from wet ice?
Why is there a saying 'You are what you eat?'

Week of October 1st
Could earthquakes occur here?
Why do earthquakes happen?
What is the best thing to do if you are in an earthquake?
Do earthquakes have a center?

Week of September 24th
Why do people want to know the secret to life?

Week of September 17th
Do teeth fall out on their own?
Why do I move in my sleep?

Week of September 10th
Is pesto good for you?
Is Britain in the United Kingdom?

Week of September 3rd
Where was money first used/invented?
What is HFCS?
What is brominated vegetable oil?
How fast are the continents drifting?

Week of August 27th
How do I make a movie of what I am doing on the computer (screen)?
How wide is a crocodile?
How can elephants communicate with humans?

Week of August 20th
What is everything in the world made of?
Why can't cars run on air?

Week of August 13th
Do fish have blood?
How do fish breathe?
How do I add text to a photo in iPhoto?

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