Great Apps

I really would like to spend more time on the App Store site looking for new Apps (checking the reviews seems essential before trying one). There are some really great learning materials available for free or at a very low cost. Here are some Apps that we have used and enjoyed countless times:

Stack the States - questions and a fun stacking game about U.S. geography and state trivia
Stack the Countries - questions about world geography and trivia of different countries
Hangman - a cross of traditional hangman and news headlines
Flowpaper - a great art app
Paperflakes - cutting paper to make snowflakes
Cut the Rope - cutting the rope gets harder and harder
Word Search - we like finding other words in the word grid
NOVA Elements - build atoms and molecules
Atoms in Motion - play with temperature, pressure, and volume to see how atoms react
Salts - similar to Atoms in Motion, with different atoms
Mathemagics - amazing tricks to do math quickly
Math Bingo - Basic math problems for all levels with a bingo twist
Solar Walk - walk through the solar system with your fingers
Magic Piano - play notes of songs as they appear on the screen
Pandora - this isn't a game, but we learn so much about music from this app. We listen to opera, celtic, country, heavy metal, classical, and on and on. Every time a song is played on Pandora, there is a short history of the band and musicians that we can read through. Many times we look up the musicians on You Tube after hearing their music on Pandora.
Writer Rumble - like the game Boggle
Little Riddles - riddles
Liquid Sketch - problem solving using liquids and blocks
Scribblenauts - problem solving using your own creativity
Pocket Planes - run an airline
Plants vs Zombies - beat the zombies before they kill your plants
4 Pics 1 Word - look at the pictures, guess the word
4 Pics 1 Song - look at the pictures, guess the song
Molecules - look up 3-D images of molecules

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