Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tae Kwon Do

My son has been taking Tae Kwon Do classes for about six months. He has passed through white, orange, yellow, and camouflage belts and is currently a green belt. We usually stay and watch the classes and now my daughter and I are thinking of starting Tae Kwon Do also. Our plan is to start as soon as soccer season is over (just a week away). We can't wait!

He has been to a few tournaments already. At the tournament they are grouped according to sex, age, and belt and tested on form, sparring, weapons form, sparring with weapons, and more. Each student can choose which categories they want to test in. My son tested recently on form, sparring, and weapons form. He placed silver medal in all three categories! Proud mama here :)

Tae Kwon Do sparring

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