Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post-it Power

Yes, Post-its are good for reminders, but they can be useful in other ways. Say, for instance, you want to play 'library' and you need to write and stamp on the title page of a book. A Post-it works perfectly for 'checking out' books to library patrons, and when the game is over, take the Post-it out and your book can go right back onto your home bookshelf.

We have also used them in map games, which the kids love. We have a world map/U.S. map and a map of Mexico in our living room and I will name a place, and they will try to find it. Then I will name a place and they will try to find it. Over and over and over. They do not tire of this game. What also happens here is we might start to talk about some of the places we are finding (like the Mexican state of Tabasco), or we start finding places we heard about or are reading about and were wondering where they were. Writing locations for the kids to find on the map on Post-it notes and then handing the kids each a few is good so that each of them have their own locations to find. Sometimes they will get upset if the location they are looking for is given away by another person (such as a sibling). Once they find the spot on the map, they can put the Post-it there. 

I cut up some Post-its into strips to do this for Mexican states. This was the only way to stick the Post-its on the map and still be able to see the other states.

La ventana is Spanish for 'window'

We have also tried learning Spanish vocabulary this way. I will write a few basic words in Spanish onto some Post-it notes and the kids will run around the house looking for those places to put the Post-its (door, window, bedroom, bathroom, etc). After a week or so I will take the Post-its down and see if anyone wants to try to find the places again. If you come to our house you will see Post-its with Spanish words stuck on places here and there :)

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