Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Nets

We bought two new butterfly nets at the store the other day. We were picking up some bird seed and I grabbed them impulsively and took them to the register. I asked how much they were and the cashier said $1.79. Before I could respond, she said 'no, they are $1.00 each'. Ok, I'll take 'em!

They have been used every day so far. One minute the kids will be on the trampoline and the next minute they will be running after something with their nets. The excitement and enthusiasm is contagious as I grab my camera and run after them. I do worry about fragile insect wings being damaged in the nets, but so far everything that has been caught has been examined carefully and released safely.

A great place to use them is at a nearby (very small) canal. Yesterday we found lots of small frogs at the water's edge, and dragonflies and butterflies flying above the water. We caught what I think was a green darner dragonfly and also a western gomphid dragonfly (photo of gomphid below). For an amazing photo series of a dragonfly naiad transforming into a mature adult, click here.

The kids also tried to catch butterflies near the canal, including some monarch butterflies that were flitting around, but were unsuccessful. My son took a nice photo of a monarch butterfly that landed just out of reach on a stinging nettles branch hanging over the water. What a great experience it is for us to be able to see these amazing and beautiful creatures up close!

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