Monday, May 7, 2012

Green Garlic!

We are starting to sell our green garlic this week, and hope to move most or all of it soon - while it is still green. Once the bulbs get bigger, the skin will dry and we will have to cure it. Green garlic is best when the skin is still soft and easy to cut. It can be used in the same way as dried garlic in recipes and you can use it from tip to tip (root, stem and leaf), with no peeling. I tend to find it a little bit milder than dried garlic, so I use more, but you should test it yourself. Now is the time to find it in farmers' markets in California.

Above are some garlic cleaning photos. We peel off the outer leaves, trim the long green tips, and then wash the garlic before packing them into a box. The kids created a 'puppet' show with the garlic - roots were hair, bulbs were heads. There was a 'lady' garlic with a dress, and a 'cool' guy garlic with a flat top hairdo. Below is the 'lady' garlic.

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