Saturday, March 31, 2012

So many questions!

There are days when the kids have lots of questions about things, and then it seems to slow down for a while. In the past two days we have been busy trying to answer many questions. We found answers in the World Book Encyclopedia and online. These questions have come about in our everyday life, and most are connected with things we have been doing. I will add the inspiration for the question in parentheses for the ones I know.

Why do people sleepwalk? (watched the movie 'Heidi')
How do cats purr? (Pet the cat)
Is wine a spirit? (Lyrics in 'Hotel California')
Is Russia the largest country in the world? (looking at world map on the wall)
How come Russia had a hard time defeating Germany in WWII if it is so much bigger?
How come Russia trusted Germany?
Was Russia with the Allieds or Axis in WWII?
What are Arthropods? (Minecraft)
How does an egg become a live baby chick? (wants to get chickens)
What is the flag for Togo? (looking at world map)
Why is Greenland white and Iceland green? (looking at world map)
What is the largest lake in the world?
Why do people love money so much?
Can you make paper out of grass?

And they just keep comin'....I really do love figuring out the answers to all of these. :)

Here is a nice photo of Shooting Star wildflowers.


Julie Andres said...

Wow you guys! This blog is a creative thoughtful way of shraing what you are all learning! Thank you! That's a tall list of really good questions, many of them I don't know the you, Julie

Nina said...

Thanks for the great feedback Julie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like learning can be fun. The kids are answering their own spontaneous questions based on curiosity, desire and need. Nature and the environment are both good teachers when combined with keen observation and inquiry. I look forward to more postings. Love, Lloyd